Friesians - the movie about friesian horses

Five countries - twenty nine people - one passion - Friesian horses.

In 1913 there were only three pedigree stallions registered. Friesian horses were almost extinct.
Since they were rescued from extinction these black dream horses began a triumphal march throughout the world.

This film was shot in five countries. It introduces us to Friesian horses and their people. It shows the magic of these horses and why it was worth keeping this breed. It also includes a short summary of the history of the Friesian horse.

The large amount of information about the Friesian horse gained through interesting interviews also overcomes existing prejudice against this breed. Personal stories, hard facts and wonderful pictures alternate in turns.

We get to know the Friesian horse in its role as a working horse, riding horse, in classic and baroque style dressage, for riding holidays, in horse shows, as a family horse and best of all as a friend.

Beautiful background music and impressive pictures lend this story about the Friesian horse an artistic quality.

Participants in this film are the “Friesian Pope” Günther Fröhlich, the American actress Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, the three-times German Grade IV champion Karen Schnoor, and many others.

This film is a great delight for those, who have fallen in love with the Friesian horse, but also for all people with a great passion for horses.

A declaration of love across all borders for this wonderful breed of horses.

Technical details: The movie will be released late 2009 and will have full dubbed english / german sound. PAL version will come first. NTSC version to come early 2010.